Middle East Consultants Limited is a consultancy/recruitment firm registered by the Ministry Gender, Labour and Social Development|Uganda. For the last 14 years, we have been consistently engaged in the business of labour consultancy and export to over 7 countries. We have attracted over 1000 job orders in addition to having managed to export over 6500 workers who are still actively working in different job portfolios to-date.

This is no simple job since we recruit for highly competent companies that offer our candidates with the best jobs coupled with high remuneration and globally acceptable employment standards.


To enrich people’s lives by delivering the benefits of foreign employment and services that inform, educate and empower.


To organize East Africa’s workforce, make it universally accessible and useful.


To secure a position with stable and profitable employing companies worldwide, where we can be members of a team and utilize our business experience to the fullest.


With Integrity We Serve


We are an incomparable recruitment firm involved in local and international recruitment services. We highly appreciate the significance of market segment within the Middle East in as far as our business growth and development concerned. Therefore, as a matter of business policy, we precisely do our best through procedure recruitment.


We offer specialized assessments and specialized tools to help screen applicants to evaluate their skills to see if they meet your criteria for a specific position in your company. We will do evaluations in our office and provide your with the information you need to make a final hiring decision. We want to provide you with the best candidates possible who will meet your expectations.

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